10 Swing Classics by Mark Taylor and Jim Roberts

By Mark Taylor and Jim Roberts

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It doesn’t take a scholarship winner to work that one out. No one’s coming to save me from this place. That’s why I have to save myself, whatever it takes. “I wonder how Davie Robbie’s doing,” Mum says, and it’s her way of telling me things aren’t all bad. She makes a good point. I might be headed to a place where my gran won’t be standing at the door. I might be facing a summer full of nothing to do and no friends to do it with. But at least the scenery in that country town is not entirely bad.

That’s what you mean. ” I almost told her then. I almost yelled, They did let me in, because they like my mouth. But that would have ruined everything. So I shut my smart mouth and we didn’t talk till we got home. “You’re always pushing,” Mum said, and walked inside. I thought if I knew someone in the city, and if I stayed out of trouble, maybe, maybe Mum might change her mind. It was a long shot, but before school finished I asked at the office if they had a number where I could reach Miss Cantrell.

Got him, Rose. ” I laugh. “Nothing. ” He grabs at Luke’s ankles then and they tumble over dirt, shouting at each other so loud the whole town can hear. “Bloody get off, Luke,” Dave yells. ” Luke pulls Dave’s jeans down fast. “That better? ” “If you plan on stuffing around all afternoon, then leave, will you? ” Luke picks himself up off the ground. ” “Better watch out, then,” I say, and chase him. I run till I’m out of breath and the clouds spin above me when I fall. The three of us lounge together under the shade of the huge old tree that’s been here as long as us.

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