1001 Hunting Tips by Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

By Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

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Bucks walk with purpose. Their tracks will often move from point A to point B while taking the path of least resistance. —Hearst Communications, Inc. , Hunting Today’s Whitetail: Strategies for Success, 1998 65. A Very Necessary Extra Carry a blunt or judo point in your quiver on high-country bowhunts. They’re perfect for thumping a grouse or two for dinner. However, make certain your blunt-equipped arrow is distinctively different from your regular shafts; otherwise you could nock it by mistake when a critter with antlers shows up.

You’ve got to be damn sure of what you’re aiming at. Is it a deer? Is it a buck? Or is it something that sort of looks like a deer? If there’s any doubt whatsoever, don’t touch that trigger! Being too quick on the trigger has caused countless tragedies in deer hunting. 55. Leave Treetops to Feed Your Herd When felling trees and bucking up logs for winter firewood, never haul the crowns of the trees out of the lot. Deer will browse on the tender branch tips all through the cold winter months. 56.

Birds, chipmunks, and squirrels are sure to discover the horde and will give you hours of entertainment, and their presence will keep you alert and remind you to remain still. 44. Gain Extra Seconds to Shoot When Rattling in a Buck Bucks will often appear at the most inopportune moments, especially when you’re rattling antlers to call them in. If you spot one while holding a rack in your hands, don’t be afraid to put it down and pick up your gun. The buck you’ve called will be expecting to see some motion and will be less likely to startle immediately when he sees you, which gives you a few extra moments to shoot him.

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