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This totally up-to-date variation of 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions is designed to supply scholars with assessment and perform for vocabulary and spelling luck. even if learning for very important educational, front, or certification checks, or simply brushing up for a category, this book's 1001 perform questions may also help scholars increase their verbal talents at their very own speed and concentrate on the parts the place development is so much wanted. greater than only a attempt relief, this ebook can be utilized to complement present category guide and strengthen task functionality via enhancing business-writing skills. simply tailored to slot lesson plans and homework assignments, 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions can also be a source for academics and tutors who have to toughen pupil talents.

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Humorous d. grateful 55. mesa a. brain b. plateau c. wagon d. dwelling 61. relinquish a. abandon b. report c. commence d. abide 56. ado a. idiom b. punishment c. cost d. fuss 62. submissive a. raucous b. obedient c. virtuous d. selfish 57. obscure a. concealed b. obvious c. reckless d. subjective 63. ponderous a. heavy b. thoughtful c. hearty d. generous 58. malicious a. spiteful b. changeable c. murderous d. dangerous 64. stoical a. impassive b. loud c. curious d. intense 8 –S Y N O N Y M S – 65.

Construe. c. soak. d. verify. 233. Cognizant is most similar to a. conscious. b. educated. c. mystified. d. confused. 239. Methodical is most dissimilar to a. erratic. b. deliberate. c. hostile. d. deformed. 234. Mediate is most similar to a. ponder. b. interfere. c. reconcile. d. dissolve. 240. Latent is most dissimilar to a. slow. b. tardy. c. dormant. d. active. 235. Concurrent is most similar to a. incidental. b. simultaneous. c. apprehensive. d. substantial. 241. Proscribe is most similar to a.

B. unsettled. c. suitable. d. old. 180. Subsequent is most dissimilar to a. necessary. b. insignificant. c. primary. d. previous. 175. Continuous is most similar to a. intermittent. b. adjacent. c. uninterrupted. d. contiguous. 181. Nonchalant is most dissimilar to a. intelligent. b. popular. c. concerned. d. reckless. 176. Courtesy is most similar to a. civility. b. congruity. c. conviviality. d. rudeness. 182. Hoax is most similar to a. logic. b. crusade. c. embargo. d. ruse. 177. Fallacy is most dissimilar to a.

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