3D Game Environments: Create Professional 3D Game Worlds by Luke Ahearn

By Luke Ahearn

From a steamy jungle to a contemporary urban, or perhaps a sci-fi house station, 3D video game Environments is the last word source that will help you create AAA caliber artwork for various video game worlds. essentially utilizing Photoshop and 3ds Max, scholars will learn how to create practical textures from photograph resource and various strategies to painting dynamic and plausible online game worlds. With unique tutorials on developing 3D versions, using second artwork to 3D types, and transparent concise recommendation on problems with potency and optimization for a 3D video game engine, Luke Ahearn grants every little thing scholars have the desire to make their very own lifelike video game environments.

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Using unlit textures is a way to boost performance. This is easy to do with some materials such as water or certain signs, and in some game types or genres you can get away with using large numbers of unlit textures. Large forested outdoor areas can benefit from the use of unlit textures on the foliage. Figure 1-7 shows an example of a texture that is lit in one scene and then unlit in the next. Notice how the sign is at full brightness and remains unchanged by the lighting affecting the walls. Particle systems typically look better unlit and run faster as well (Figure 1-8).

Well-painted texture can look better and actually have more detail than a sloppy, large texture. Ask yourself whether there is a better and more efficient way to achieve any objective you may have. Keep track of all that you come up with, and develop a checklist of things to do to an asset before considering it complete. At one studio we actually designed and developed a plug-in for Max that ran a series of checks on a mesh before we considered it final. We also met regularly and compared notes. The importance of designing, planning, and just plain iterating through your level cannot be underestimated.

In Figure 1-14 you can see some of the most common aspects of a particle system. As far as optimizing particle systems, try the following: • Use unlit textures. This should be standard for most particle effects. • Use the most efficient asset possible in terms of resolution and file size. • Use the necessary masking/alpha scheme. • Turn off particle collision if possible. • Have particles die or fade out quickly. • Use only the necessary number of particles. • Use the best asset for the particle (this is related to the previous point).

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