A Brief Practical Guide to Eddy Covariance Flux by George Burba, Dan Anderson

By George Burba, Dan Anderson

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Windex and RainX can be used for cleaning the cell, while "CLR" brand and other household cleaners cannot. After the cell is opened, cleaned and closed again, re-setting zero for CO2 and H2O is recommended, which can also be done on the tower. Resetting or not resetting the zero after cell cleaning usually is not essential for Eddy Covariance flux measurements, but it may cause an offset in mean concentration measurements, because cell conditions may have been modified by the user. LI-COR Biosciences | Brief Guide To Eddy Covariance Measurements 57 ENCLOSED LI-7200 INTAKE INSTALLATION The LI-7200 gas analyzer comes with a standard 1 meter long 3/8" ID intake tube, with removable insulation under a white plastic sleeve.

They need to sample fast enough to cover all required frequency ranges, but at the same time they need to be very sensitive to small changes in quantities. Instruments should not break large eddies with a bulky structure so they can measure accurately at great heights, and they should be aerodynamic enough to minimize the creation of many small eddies from the instrument structure so they can measure accurately at low heights. Foken, T. , 1995. Results of the workshop 'Instrumental and methodical problems of land surface flux measurements'.

C) • • Two user selectable chopper housing settings help to keep power dissipation from the instrument in single Watts Electronics heating of the window surfaces is a small fraction of total power coming to the instrument The LI-7500A software allows users to manually set the chopper housing temperature at two settings: a o low temperature setting of +5 C, and regular seto ting of +30 C. The low temperature setting was added for studies in cold climates to reduced energy usage and heat dissipation in extremely cold environments.

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