A course in spoken Tamazight by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih.

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From? s. ". p. p . )tt , aerab ay giy the posltion of ttyou I . (m. ) am an Arab. p. ), she, they (m. p. )" maklng the necessary changes. w€r I have two glrls and a 9. yu:l snat ntEir:atin dlc11 Eoy. s. ), she, you (f . s. )tt . 10. Bfrat ylemrns How ? o1d is he? (tl" is) five years (ord). Substltute in the positlon of five ln the second sentenee usi"ng ttsix, ten, four, eight, seventt. xms snin I am an American. 11. amalik:ani ay giy . ttAmericant' uslng ttArab, Substitute ln the Positlon of Berber, European (m.

Rs: inY. g Muha go? Tr igra^n. urs: inT tafransist. s;ny itasrabt. i-s:n itatrabt. ts: n itmaziyt is ts:nd itmaziyt? Do ivra Ei'vi uxlas: Some, He speaks Arabic. She speaks Berber. - in- you speak Berber? a little. 6. Iabcratory Exercises in the language laboratory. Fcr each palr of words glven, choose the word in which the required sound fcr that exercise ls heard and write the corresponding number fcr the word chosen. j l-a bab I-b b:as The correct answer is l-b. These exerclses are cn tape A.

Good mornlng. aa r*** aa Good evenlng. R. Good evenlng. mslxlr mslxlr . a". at. Ar. good (

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