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Sambodhana prathama he bale he bale he balah. dvit ya balam bale balah. t ya balaya balabhyam balabhih. caturth balayai balabhyam balabhyah. pa~ncam balayah. balabhyam balabhyah. h balayah. balayoh. balanam saptam balayam balayoh. '. u is the most common form, but in the declension of bala it remains as -su. This sandhi rule will be described more fully in a later lesson. 3. h saptam 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Latinate name Sanskrit case By whom what?

The a x to the verb indicates tense, mood, person, and number, as well as voice. In English, the words marked with `1' in these two sentences are both called the subject of the sentence; this accords with the Sanskrit prathama-vibhakti  rst case ending.  is the initiator, having the power to bring about the action: with an active verb the kartr. is expressed in prathama, but with a passive verb kartr.  is expressed in dvit ya and prathama respectively. Thus kartr. and karman name the relationship, whereas prathama and English `subject' etc.

5 The Alphabetical Order Having now considered the whole alphabet in sound and Roman transliteration, it would be useful to start becoming familiar with the alphabetical order. The order is best memorized in groups as shown below: a a i  u u r. r. l. l. e ai o au am. ah. 6 Devanagar Alphabet Here are the rst ten consonants in devanagar script. Each symbol includes the sound a; for example, the rst symbol is ka and not just k. Note the similarity between the forms of i and jha. z . ja Ja Va The loop on the kha and ga is written as follows: e write the down-stroke with the curl at the end, f then change direction to start the loop, g complete the loop, and for kha, continue the stroke, h this portion of the symbol is written without lifting the pen!

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