A Self-Study: Being a White Psychologist in an Indian World by Todd Sojonky

By Todd Sojonky

Who am I as a psychologist? This ebook examines the position of psychologists in go- cultural settings and explores the worth of self-knowledge within the perform of psychology. this present day many indigenous individuals are nonetheless experiencing a colonial kind of remedy that's rooted in strength imbalances and a controlled future health care approach. via narrative, tale, poetry and psychotherapy this publication indicates the significance of non-public progress and informs the perform of being a ‘good psychologist’. It asks the reader to contemplate how cross-cultural reports impact expert psychology discourse and practices in addition to to discover the relationships among dominant psychology platforms and cultural enactments.

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The Plains Cree have used story to teach, discover and learn for centuries. Narratives in each community provide for the development and continuance of specific Indigenous knowledge (Ermine, 2000). The elders who have guided my work speak to me in story and have listened to my story as I have shared it with them. All stories speak to us. “Understanding this connection is crucial if we’re to be able to live together and to live with ourselves. We must all be connected to something other than ourselves” (Hammerschlag, 1988, p.

Any good mystery requires time, effort to solve a puzzle and the pursuit of an uncertain truth. Among First Nations people a mystery is both accepted and respected. Aboriginal knowledge is not static; it evolves dynamically with new observations, new insights, and new spiritual messages (Aikenhead, 1997). Mamamaskac kikway informs the following stories and poems. The stories and poems which I will share with you are clinical compendiums of experience which describe and record thoughts, feelings and insights gathered along the way.

The research process is informed through an understanding of the circuits and meanings of whiteness in everyday life. indd 36 4/14/10 6:41:08 P of my narrative work, I could not remove my privilege. Leonardo (2004) describes this reality by suggesting that we consider the reality of white supremacy. White supremacy occurs when we are granted privilege in spite of our attempts to dis-identify with the fact that we are white. In my context as a psychologist in a First Nations world, this occurred on a regular basis.

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