A survey of syntax in the Hebrew Old Testament, by J. Wash Watts

By J. Wash Watts

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Traffic. needs. 4. In friendship the most crucial is to forget your own needs. What is the most remarkable about these two celebrities is that they live 5. What lives. relatively normal lives. 6 . If one is to remain healthy, fresh air and outdoor sports are the most important, important, 6. to say nothing of a proper diet. diet. 7. Work, though very important, should not be the most important for us. 8 . Breaking off diplomatic relations with that country and recalling ambassadors 8. are the most appropriate at this moment.

14. Arabella loved her fiance dearly, just as her parents did, but was unable to -her parentsseriously,----------------------------------her p aren ts------take his ideas seriously, -one with 115. W est to do business this dictator, dictator,----------one 5. There is no reason for the West who is accused of such human rights abuses. he 6. The The Pope Pope was was not not afraid afraid of of waging waging aa war war against against communism, com m unism,-------------he 116. hesitates to express his disapproval of capitalism.

74 As in “Tip “Tip Number 1” 1” the fact that such a rephrasing is possible suggests that the relative clause in 5a is non-restrictive in character, and hence requires a comma: agreeable. 5d. My brother has just arrived at Brighton, which he finds most agreeable. B. substitut­ Only in the defining or restrictive type of sentence can that be substitut¬ ed for who or which: which: lc . The president that made such remarks was Lincoln. lc. Suggested Exercises (25): sometimes Supply commas and correct the word that wherever necessary ((sometimes no changes are required): 11..

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