Abstract Painting 50 Years of Accomplishment From Kandinsky by Michel Seuphor

By Michel Seuphor

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A few of his works attain a harmony of form and color that have rarely been surpassed. I have before Russell's 46 me loose sheets and pages of Morgan 1912/13 sketchbook. The numerous sketches are rich a revealing the genesis of in progressive recomposition improvisation or cubist process, On one pencil, began is the to fractions: a the However Russell was very where he abandoned the object create freely with forms to of these sketches "There object, with witness leading other words. in quick to reach the point altogether and the of splitting-up We painting.

And it it propelled them created an amazing into stir in admirable the world of But too often they remained merely anecdotal painters: this congenital, essentially literary failing caused the movement 34 and to culminate in the aeropittura futurista, which — by 1930 was nothing more than wholly academic passeiste painting use the word coined by AAarinetti to designate (to was the flourish the enemies of Futurism). All that remained declamatory gestures suitable a set of But we are tribute still in the period before 1914, the works to for every occasion.

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