Accelerated Silverlight 3 by Jeff Scanlon, Ashish Ghoda

By Jeff Scanlon, Ashish Ghoda

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Identifiers must begin with a letter or an underscore and can contain only letters, digits, and the underscore. fm Page 26 Monday, June 22, 2009 2:27 PM 26 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW XAML Table 2-1. Features of the x: Namespace (Continued) Feature Description x:Name Provides a way to give an identifier to an object element in XAML for accessing via the code-behind. This is not appropriate for use with resources (instead use x:Key). Many elements have a Name property, and while Name and x:Name can be used interchangeably, only one should be set.

Each approach is illustrated in the text labels for the username and password entry boxes. Row="2"> Password: The content attribute syntax, much like the property attribute syntax, is a useful shorthand, both in markup and when working with the code-behind. The content element syntax, however, is required when specifying more complex content than what can be captured by a simple attribute. Also note that content might be restricted based on which control you use— for example, a TextBox cannot contain a Button as content.

In terms of handling user input, nothing specialized is provided. This limitation extended to Silverlight 1, and the full control architecture debuted when Silverlight 2 was first released in beta. 2D graphics: Geometry-based classes (which are flexible but can’t be directly placed on a user interface) and Shape-based classes (which can be directly placed on a user interface) provide the ability to draw 2D shapes. Media: Many early Silverlight applications showcased the image and video support provided by Silverlight.

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