Advanced Communication Skills by Sean McPheat

By Sean McPheat

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Have you ever had an experience where you thought something was hard at first, but you eventually got the hang of it? Ask for evidence:  How do you know that?  Why do you feel it is hard? com 54 Advanced Communication Skills Tools for Advanced Communication Appeal to the positive intention behind the belief:  I can tell you want to learn these thoroughly.  I know how much you want to improve your communication skills. Change the context so that the relationship does not apply in the same way: How hard it is for you to learn depends upon who is teaching  You learned to speak Japanese – now that was hard!

Change the time frame:  The quicker you do it, the easier it will seem  You have plenty of time to practice and become more comfortable with them. Explore the consequences:  Unless you try it, you will never know how easy it can be.  If you don’t learn them, you won’t be as effective in communicating as you could be. Change the chunk size:  Chunk up: Is learning hard in general?  Chunk down How hard is to learn one specific skill? Find a counter example:  Has there ever been a time when you found learning………easy?

Com 33 Advanced Communication Skills Internal Representation Take a look at Figure 5 to get an idea of some of the common verbal language that people will use when they are in each form of internal representational thinking. If you respond using similar language, it is a signal to the other person that you are thinking similarly – that you are on the same ‘wavelength’ as they are. Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic Unspecified See Hear Fell Sense Look Listen Touch Experience View Sounds Grasp Understand Appear Make music Get hold of Think Show Harmonize Slip through Learn Dawn Tune in/out Catch on Process Reveal Be all ears Tap into Decide Envision Rings a bell Make contact Motivate Illuminate Silence Throw out Consider Imagine Be heard Turn around Change Clear Resonate Hard Perceive Foggy Deaf Unfeeling Insensitive Focused Loud Concrete Distinct Hazy Melody Get a handle on Know Picture Unhearing Solid Figure 5: Verbal Indications of Thinking ‘Modes’ You can see that the verbs that indicate action correspond to the way in which the person is perceiving that action.

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