Algebraic Numbers and Algebraic Functions by Cohn P.M.

By Cohn P.M.

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For suppose that u0 , v0 have been so chosen that there is only one good prime p0 which divides c(u0 , v0 ); then the product in (7) reduces to the left hand side of (6), and so (6) holds for this prime. Now choose an open set N ⊂ S0 such that (7) holds throughout N for each c(u, v); by a slightly modified version of Schinzel’s Hypothesis we can choose (u0 , v0 ) in N so that every c(u0 , v0 ) is the product of one good prime and possibly some factors in B. As c runs through all irreducible factors of a1 a2 a3 , p0 runs through all those primes for 21 which we have to verify (6).

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