An English-Arabic Translator’s Guide to Election Terminology by May Ahmar

By May Ahmar

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KÓãe º¡d âjƒ°üàq dG øμÁ øjòdG Úë°TôŸGh q Ö°UÉæŸG Some election day polling places use fullface ballot, direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines. These voting machines electronically record your choices when you press a button that indicates that you are casting a vote. Election officials print and display the results from each machine after the election day polls close. É¡HGƒHCG á«q HÉîàf’G õcGôŸG ≥∏¨J ¿CG An event planned with the goal of raising money for the campaign. Fundraiser may also refer to the person who raises the funds for the campaign by any method.

Methods to obtain such public opinions range from telephone surveys, mailed questionnaires, and specific questions on an election ballot to comments obtained in public meetings. äÉHÉîàf’ÉH ≥∏©àJ »àdGh A qualified person who desires to become a candidate for an official office may become a candidate by petition signed by a specified number of qualified voters of the district from which the candidate seeks election. É¡æY í°TÎdG q The right to vote, to stand as a candidate for election, to form a political party and belong to it, to campaign and to be elected.

OÉ«pM áª∏μd á«fÓª©dG IQÉÑ©dG Imperiali Quota Sometimes used in largest remainder PR electoral systems to determine how seats are awarded. The quota is ascertained by the following formula: total vote divided by the number of seats plus two. 2 ~FGR ,~YÉ≤ŸG An illegal practice which consists of assuming to be someone else with a view to voting in his/her place. ¬fÉμe ´Î≤j »c ôNBG In the context of elections, refers to a voter registration process that includes all groups and categories of citizens.

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