Anatomy for Plastic Surgery of the Face, Head and Neck, 1st by Koichi Watanabe, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas

By Koichi Watanabe, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas

Anatomy for cosmetic surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck information the complicated local anatomy of the face, head and neck, supplying cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology citizens with an outstanding anatomical wisdom base. there are lots of chance zones concerned with working at the head and neck, and the special wisdom of anatomy that readers achieve from this reference may also help them stay away from the surgical mishaps that frequently lead to sufferer disfigurement.

Key Features:

  • Complex nearby anatomy of the pinnacle and neck special with drawings, intraoperative images and radiologic images
  • Online entry to movies during which authors stroll readers throughout the anatomy of the face, head and neck
  • Covers the newest anatomical issues, together with arterial offer of the facial dermis and sensory nerves of the pinnacle and neck

This first-class anatomical reference might be learn hide to hide via younger plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists, in addition to citizens in those specialties. more matured surgeons will seek advice from it every time they should know about an strange quarter of the pinnacle and neck.

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6 The right cranial nerve (CN VI), the abducens nerve, enters the posterior wall of the cavernous sinus, beneath the petrosphenoid ligament, through Dorello’s canal, and travels within the cavernous sinus, lateral to the cavernous internal carotid artery. n o bran ch es, en ters th e carot id can al at th e sku ll base, an d t ravels m edially in th e carot id can al as th e pet rous C2 segm en t , su rroun ded by bon e at it s m ost solid posterom edial an d relat ively th in n er an terolateral an d in ferior w alls, w ith th e roof being covered by dura.

The planum sphenoidale (PS) is the at, ventral roof of the sphenoid sinus, anterior to the sella turcica (ST). 2 Anterior Skull Base Nasal derm al sin u s w ith associated derm oid or epiderm oid an d n asal cerebral h eterotop ia (so -called n asal gliom a), also p re sen t as congen it al m idlin e n asal m asses, sh are com m on em br yologic pat tern s an d form th e m ajor di eren t ial diagn oses for fron toeth m oidal cep h aloceles. Nasal derm al sin u s is lin ed by ep ith elial derm is, variably exten ds in t racran ially, an d m ay be seen as a sm all n asal d im p le.

The perpendicular plate (PP) of the ethmoid bone forms the bony nasal septum superiorly. The ethmoid sinus (ES) and maxillary sinus (MS) are seen at this level. A sm all foram en can be seen at this level as the anterior ethmoid artery (EA) pierces the lateral lamella of the cribriform plate. (d) At this level, the anatomy of the cribriform plate and ethmoid roof are well demonstrated. The crista galli (CG) again seen as midline sagit tal bone projecting above the cribriform plate (CP). The lateral margin of the cribriform plate is formed by a vertical portion of bone called the lateral lamella (LL) of the cribriform plate.

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