Bamboos by Christine Recht

By Christine Recht

Bamboos are attention-grabbing for his or her attractiveness, splendor and diversity of shape, let alone their value within the symbolism of some distance japanese poetry and paintings. backyard designers have for a very long time regarded the numerous chances provided by way of this specific plant. the following the reader is out there the entire info they should develop bamboos in backyard, on balconies and terraces, in conservatories or even in roof gardens. Fascination with bamboos has led many gardeners to shop for them yet lack of knowledge in their necessities has usually introduced frustration and depression. This booklet goals to right that state of affairs and gives an enormous resource of distinctive reference and inspirational color photographs.

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The Bamboos of the World is published in individual volumes in English and is very valuable, if not essential, for any scientific work on bamboos. For many gardeners, however, who simply wish to have one or a few bamboo plants in their garden, such precise scientific identification is not so important. However, it is still interesting to have some knowledge of their morphology and physiology, and indeed, necessary for the correct choice and cultivation of bamboos. Morphology Bamboo is an evergreen plant, that is it does not lose its leaves in the autumn and grow fresh ones in the spring like other broad-leaved trees.

The brush dances and the ink sings’ is still said of fine calligraphy and ink drawings. Whilst the brush is still made of bamboo today, in much earlier times so was the writing surface – thin bamboo blocks. These blocks were bound together to make the first ‘books’. Later on, painting and writing was done mostly on silk, until this ran out because of the high demand (China had special offices where writing and copying was carried out). Paper was discovered in China about 2,000 years ago. In 105 BC the court eunuch Tsai Lun told the emperor about a new discovery.

Bamboo is evergreen and does not change its appearance with the seasons. It is therefore held as a symbol of age. The Chinese character for bamboo is similar to that for laughter, because the Chinese believe that the bamboo plants bends when it hears laughter. In Chinese, the words for bamboo, prayer and wish all sound the same. The reason is as follows: sticks of bamboo explode if placed in a fire, with a loud crack. The bamboo firework was supposed to drive away demons and ensure that the gods heard prayers and wishes for peace and tranquillity.

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