Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of by L. A. Meyer

By L. A. Meyer

Existence as a ship's boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come real for Jacky Faber. long gone are the times of scavenging for foodstuff and battling for survival at the streets of eighteenth-century London. as a substitute, Jacky is changing into a talented and revered sailor because the workforce pursues pirates at the excessive seas.There's just one challenge: Jacky is a woman. and he or she must use every piece of her spirit, wit, and braveness to maintain the team from getting to know her mystery. this may be the journey of her life--if basically she does not get stuck. . . .

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That's it, then," says Liam Delaney. " PART II While the Winds Do Blow, And Enemies Abide, Music and Friends Hath Charms, To Set Our Sorrows Aside. Chapter 7 We are all salty sea sailors now, havin' survived our first days at sea, if only just barely. The first day out was glorious, as we rode the tide out to the mouth of the harbor, our sails goin' up and our banners a'spankin' and people wavin' from the shore and us boys not knowin' what to do yet so we just watches in wonderment and stays out of the way.

The first thing I do after I leaves Toby and his bunch is to take out me shiv and hack off me hair, grabbin' handfuls and sawin' away, leavin' it in clumps in the gutter along me way. I cuts it as close to me head as I can get it. I figures I'll follow the Thames down towards the sea as no one knows me face down there and it is a good a place as any to make a new start. I hears that's where the navy ships are and maybe I'll find a way to make meself useful and so get to keep body and immortal soul together for a bit longer.

The girl is all dressed in white with ribbons and looks like she's been scrubbed pink. " "No, dear," says the mother. " Evil old sow. "I'm going to give one to her, anyhow," says the sainted girl firmly, and she pulls out a purse all covered in bright thread. She reaches in and pulls out a penny and plants it in me outstretched fist, careful not to touch any part of me grimy self. It's all I can do not to snatch the purse and run. "Bless you, Miss," says I. The lady grabs the girl's arm and starts on up the street.

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