I Started Crying Monday by Laurene Kelly

By Laurene Kelly

Fourteen-year-old Julie starts off crying on Monday whilst issues move badly in school. even though cheered up via her puppy, Jessie, issues should not far better at domestic. they usually cross from undesirable to worse. at the day Julie and her brother, Toby choose to sign up for Ruby on the neighborhood waterhole, there's an twist of fate. yet anything extra is inaccurate. Her father is in health facility and Jessie isn't really there to greet her.

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Jonathon said yuk and Jen just nodded. I dished them up some cereal. I could hear Mum and Toby. She kept on telling him to get up and he kept saying no. All of a sudden the door to where Dad slept opened. Jonathon and Jennifer cringed. ’ he shouted. ’ He could sleep forever and he still wouldn’t be beautiful, I thought. I wasn’t going to dob Toby in, so I said nothing. He looked at me and I turned away and wiped Jen’s mouth. ’ ‘I . . I’m not sure,’ I lied. I gave it away by looking towards Toby’s bedroom.

Because he is a bigoted bastard. ’ Toby asked. ’ This was mum the teacher asking me. ‘I think so. ’ ‘Yes, that’s a pretty good definition. ’ He looked at me as if to say why did I ask. Sometimes when Mum wasn’t stressed out by everything she would talk to Toby and I about what she called the big picture. She made us read the weekend newspaper every week. She’d ask us questions about what we’d read, but she hadn’t done it for ages. ’ ‘Like Anzac Day and everything,’ Toby said enthusiastically.

It was so quiet that we heard the minute hand on the clock tick over. ’ she said. It seemed like she wasn’t talking to us but talking to her memories. Her eyes were glazed. Toby and I snuck a glance at each other. Ruby stuck her head in the door. ’ she said. ‘Hello, Ruby,’ said Mrs Thompson. ’ ‘Too hot,’ Ruby replied. ’ she said to us. 51 ‘Just wait a minute,’ Mrs Thompson said. She looked at us. ‘All right. I will pass the message on. ’ She laughed. What did she mean? The altogether. Oh, I got it.

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